Online Conference Information

We use Whova, Gather, and Zoom to run HPCA (along with PPoPP, CGO, and CC) virtually in addition to the publicly-available traditional web pages of the conferences.

Participating in HPCA 2022

Before the Symposium Starts

During the Symposium

  • Watch live keynotes
    • on Whova; see the program for the schedule.
  • Watch short presentation videos (5–7 minutes) for each paper
    • on Whova; see the program for the schedule.
  • Participate in Q&A session followed by the short presentation videos


  • Whova is used for registration.
  • It also holds information which should be offered to those who register for the conference, such as:
    • Links to the pre-recorded videos
    • Links to the PDF files of the papers
    • Links to the Zoom webinars for the live sessions, workshops, tutorials, keynotes, and business meetings.


  • All the Zoom links are available in Whova.
  • Ask questions through Zoom, not Whova, when a session is live (including the keynotes and joint panel sessions). This will help the session chairs to focus on one tool, which will facilitate a smooth discussion during the session.


  • HPCA will use Gather for virtual hangout among attendees this year. The Gather link will be available in Whova.
  • Upon entering the room, you can create an avatar to walk around the room and talk with other avatars.
  • To fully leverage Gather, you should have a camera and microphone on on your laptop or desktop. Once your avatar gets closer to another avatar, a video chat is automatically launched for talk.
  • When you access Gather for the first time, you will be directed to a hands-on tutorial. You can also refer to this tutorial video “How to use Gather as an attendee” (note: the UI might be slightly different).

Further Notes

  • Please do not share the links and passwords in Whova with those who do not register for the conferences. This will protect us from copyright-related issues and Zoom-bombing.
  • For those who cannot view the embedded videos in Whova, use the links to the video files instead.
  • Please use the community feature to ask questions about logistics (e.g., through Ask Organizers Anything on Whova).
  • Most features are self-explanatory, but as a last resort, feel free to contact the General Chairs.